For those who love the beauty of aquariums and the peaceful dance of fish in their habitat, it’s important to recognise that keeping a healthy aquarium requires special attention and care to ensure the well-being of the fish.

Anyone thinking of having an aquarium at home should acquire knowledge before investing in equipment and fish. In this article, we share five essential tips to ensure the health and happiness of the little aquatic inhabitants.

Water Maintenance

The water used, even tap water, should rest for at least two days before entering the aquarium. This allows the chlorine to evaporate and heavy metals, such as lead, to settle to the bottom. However, there are some products on the market that can also be used to remove chlorine and heavy metals, following the instructions on the label.

Avoid Excess Fish

It’s important not to overdo it with the amount of fish, as more fish results in more decomposing waste, increasing the load on the filter. It is essential to find a balance in order to maintain a healthy environment.

Choose Compatible Species

When buying fish, consult a specialist to ensure compatibility between species. This advice can be obtained from the place where you buy your aquarium accessories.

Regular Aquarium cleaning

The aquarium should be cleaned monthly. During this period, if you notice that the aquarium is dirty, check the filtration system.

Try to calculate the capacity of the aquarium and choose a filter that can filter four times that amount per hour.

Suitable Filter Size

The importance of an external filter is vital for preserving the quality of the water in your aquarium. We recommend that you seek the advice of a specialist when purchasing one, ensuring that your choice corresponds to the ideal size for your aquarium’s capacity.


Turn your aquarium into a vibrant and healthy spectacle for your little fish. Follow these tips and give them the best possible home!