A plant aquarium is much more than just a tank of water with vegetation. It is a controlled environment where natural beauty meets functionality. These aquariums are meticulously designed to recreate natural aquatic ecosystems, allowing a variety of aquatic plants to grow healthily and show off in all their splendor.


Choose the System that Suits Your Needs

At ILAEuropa, we present our range of Plant Aquariums, designed with top quality materials and a contemporary, attractive design. They are the perfect complement to your Pet Shop, providing a unique experience for your customers.


Our Plant BAC is constructed with high-quality float glass and features polished edges to ensure maximum transparency and durability. But what really makes the difference is our lighting system made up of a multicolored LED bar, which enhances the beauty of the aquatic plants, creating truly immersive environments. This LED light not only makes the plants more stunning, it also promotes their healthy growth, ensuring that they are always at their best.


In addition, we have integrated a decanting system and UV filter into our aquariums, which contributes significantly to the health of the plants and the clarity of the water. We believe that crystal-clear water is essential for the proper enjoyment of aquatic plants.


Our BAC Plants is complete and includes high-quality components such as:

Aqua Medic led system
Aquafit suspension kit
Aqua Medic pump
Aqua Medic skimmer
Square mesh (decanting)
Waste bag + support
Wall pass (sewer)
We firmly believe in customer satisfaction, which is why our products are adaptable to the preferences of the most demanding customers. We are committed to providing products that meet the specific needs of your pet store and your customers.


Invest in quality, beauty and functionality!