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Petshop fittings and displays

Give your pet store the highlight it deserves. Our exhibitors are technically perfect, resulting in pet friendly habitats, easy and quick to maintain.

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Modern Design

We use the best and most modern materials so that your customer has the best shopping experience.

Species Friendly

Our shop equipment houses all kinds of animals. From rodents, reptiles, dogs, cats, exotic birds or tropical and marine fish, our exhibitors will provide the best conditions for your livestock.

Easy and Fast Maintenance

Time is money. For this reason, all our shop displays are designed in a way that saves the maximum amount of time on maintenance.

Good Value for Money

Who says great quality has to be expensive? Ask us for a quote, you might be pleasantly surprised at the price of our store exhibitors.

The presentation of a store is a very important aspect to create an maximum impact experience for visitors.

We produce modules in various formats in anodized or lacquered aluminum, and different glass types: float, tempered, lacquered and extra light.

We present 3D projects to simulate in a realistic and detailed way the constitution of each space.

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