Sea corals are like underwater gardens, displaying a myriad of vibrant colours and fascinating shapes. If you’re an enthusiast or a supplier who wants to display corals in your shop, BAC Corals is the ideal solution. This coral display is more than just an aquarium, it’s an innovation that combines functionality and design to highlight the beauty and health of saltwater corals.


Superior Design and Quality

BAC Corals has been meticulously designed to offer an ideal environment for corals of all species. Made with high-quality float glass and polished edges, this display has a modern and attractive design that complements the beauty of the corals.

Equipped with a multi-coloured LED bar, the BAC Corals lighting system has been designed to enhance the natural colours of corals, providing an impressive visual spectacle. The ability to highlight the colours of corals makes this display an ideal option for presenting the diversity and beauty of these marine organisms.

Decanting System and Water Quality Maintenance

One of the key points of the BAC Corais is its decanting system, which ensures that the aquarium water is always clean and crystal clear, promoting the continued health of the corals. With high-quality components, the display maintains a stable and healthy environment for corals to thrive.


  • Waste bag + stand
  • Checkered net
  • Aqua Medic skimmer
  • Aqua Medic pump
  • Float
  • Wall passer

Other components:

  • Aqua Medic LED system – Aquafit suspension kit
  • Aqua Medic UV lamp

BAC Corals is a complete, integrated system that provides an ideal environment for the display and healthy growth of marine corals. With a modern design, high-quality materials and an advanced maintenance system, this display is an excellent choice for anyone looking to present corals in all their splendour in a shop.