ILA Europa Reptile Displays provide a safe and suitable environment, offering a combination of innovative design and superior functionality. They thus prioritise quality, safety and comfort for all reptiles and amphibious animals.

expositor para repteis

Customisable Sizes for All Species

The different size ranges make it possible to adapt the display to the specific needs of each animal.

Efficient Ventilation

The rear and top nets in each designed compartment ensure adequate ventilation, which allows for optimal air circulation for the reptiles.

High Quality Heating Foci and Heaters

The heating focusses and heaters replicate the reptiles’ natural habitat, ensuring a thermal environment that respects the specific conditions for the animal to develop favourably.

Installation of Heat and Infrared Lamps

The installation of heat and infrared lamps offers customised options for designing thermal gradients and promoting the reptiles’ natural behaviour.

Lockable Door

Lockable doors prevent unwanted situations and maintain the integrity of the animals.

Customisable Sizes and Layout

The customisable sizes and adaptable layouts, in line with veterinary standards, accommodate the specific needs of animals and offer an environment that is not detrimental to their well-being.

Durable and Aesthetically Pleasing Structure

Built with a sturdy aluminium structure, coated with lacquered aluminium and with a modern design, the displays are durable, enhance the visibility of the reptiles and blend in harmoniously anywhere.

ILA Europe Reptile Displays focus on safety, thermal comfort and customisation according to the specific needs of reptiles.